Harsh Realities

In no particular order, the harsh realities I’m up against currently.

1. Exercise alone no longer means I’ll lose weight. It seems since I’m older now, that I must change my diet along with exercise. Even though I went from couch potato to 5-7 days of exercise a week, yep, I’ve maintained my weight, not lost any. It’s a hard reality to realize. I am jealous that my boyfriend can lose weight, but I just maintain. I have a goal to lose 15 lbs, of course toning up is most important and fitting back into my size(s) down clothes. See my Self Magazine Drop 10 Workouts Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, and Week 5.

2. Not being overweight, does not mean you can’t have water weight gain in your ankles. I’ve been fighting this for the past year. I am JUST barely in my weight/height range, but if I don’t exercise a day, my ankles get fat…water weight gain, I guess. Both of them…and it sucks and makes me want to cover my ankles (made me wear pants instead of a dress this past Saturday night). I haven’t told anyone, except Pete until recently. It seems, I need to cut salt out (I’m not much of an add more salt person) of my diet…even more…elevate my feet those days….possibly get support hose/socks…and exercise (which exercising was helping, but last week due to vacation, I only exercised two days and that wasn’t enough – has to be cardio, I think). So, yep, another harsh reality of life. If I can’t get it under control, I will eventually see a doctor about it, preferably when I get a job, though. I am jealous of skinny ankles now…lol.

Trust me, these ankles should have definition.

3. Too qualified and not qualified enough happens a lot. I’m in this boat. I’m trying to get a job, applying to everything I think I can do…but its tough. I don’t know what it is, but I think its both…that sometimes I’m too qualified and they think I’ll leave and sometimes I’m not qualified for the position, so they won’t give me a chance. It’s a harsh reality when one has 9 years of experience in their field (Instructional Design/Instructional Systems). The area I am in, not a lot of those jobs, so I’m trying for other jobs, too. Like Education Associate, Administrative Assistants, other state jobs, etc.

I was at Esteem, now I'm at Safety. Not good.

4. I might have to move away from my boyfriend for a job. Yep, this has come to mind this past month…since I’m not getting a job where we are, that I have to expand my search and possibly move without him. The plan would be temporary that he’d eventually move with me, but he has to stay to help the family business for a while longer – six months to a year. I will expand to not just include Columbia, but nearby cities – Charlotte, Greensburg, Charleston, Raleigh, Augusta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and anywhere else with an interesting fitting job. This reality…is a tough, tough one for us right now.

If only it was for a Dream Job...

Well, those are the pressing things on my mind and harsh life realities. Luckily, I do have control to a point, it’s just a matter of taking it and deciding what direction to go with things. Any advice?

There is a job I’d love to have working at Walt Disney World in Orlando…they have an Instructional Design Manager position that I’m pretty sure I could do…and would so move back to Orlando for that. Plus, I miss my friends there and the stuff to do! Anyone got pull at WDW? Doesn’t hurt to ask does it?

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