February 2014 Movies Watched

After January was so movie-filled, I watched a lot less movies in February. Not entirely a coincidence of it being a shorter month. So, here they are:

The Kids are All Alright – An unconventional family has to deal with cheating…it’s not normal, it was definitely interesting and tangled.

TheKidsareAllRightThe Other Woman – Being the second wife isn’t easy, but wow…it isn’t easy after having a miscarriage either. Everything brings them apart, and it sure is complicated…will find them working through it in the end. I liked it, but it is tough at times. Also, not to be confused with the UPCOMING The Other Woman movie starring Cameron Diaz (I want to see it).

TheOtherWomanDivorce Invitation- A man gets married, but then sees his long lost love again and wants a divorce. He does everything to get one, but realizes that he has one heck of a pre-nup that he signed. Will he get that divorce? Haha…it was silly and ridiculous, but was so sweet at the end.

DivorceIntentionsGroundhog Day (rewatch/own) – Just seemed like the perfect thing to watch on February 2nd. Anyone else? Oh just love this movie!

GroundhogDayGlory Daze – Just before graduation a man realizes he could still have the college lifestyle…so all summer the friends have it…but then they realize they do need to move on. Heh…90s movie that I never watched. It was a little bit fun…but alright.

GloryDazeLast Night – A couple is doing well, but then,…last night happens. They survive it…they just don’t talk about it…and sheesh they do love each other. It was interesting and I wasn’t sure if I should hope for their cheatings to continue or not…I guess not.

LastNightThe Mouse and the Motorcycle – Weird little movie…guess good for kids…my boyfriend remembered watching this a long time ago. I was like the mouse is creepy, yet cute…weird. Glad it was short.

TheMouseandtheMotorcycleTadpole – Boy loves his step-mother…finds himself in a love triangle (of his own making)…and has to learn that his dad loves his step-mother and that’s who should be together.  It was alright.

TadpoleThe Dish and the Spoon – This movie was weird…I’m not sure I paid enough attention, because it sure seemed like in the end….she went back to the man that kicked her out, but he didn’t kick her out…she went out…oh my, my…confusing.

TheDishandtheSpoonSecrets: The Sphinx – Always something with the Sphinx and I thought it would be new and revealing…it kind of was.

SecretsTheSphinxSecrets: A Viking Map? – This one on the other hand, ended up going in circles and basically convincing everyone that the map was in fact a forgery.

SecretsAVikingMapThe Adventures of Tintin – This movie was so gosh darn cute and a nicely done animation. I recommend it, especially to families.


January 2014 Movies Watched

January’s movies included plenty of rewatching, but still lots of movies I’ve never seen. I can’t say they were all great movies, but they pass the time…and some are definitely surprising. Ahh, Netflix the things you help us find.

13 Going on 30 (own/rewatch) – This movie is so gosh darn cute, I just love it. When we are younger we wish to be an adult so bad, and then once we are an adult, we often realize we shouldn’t have wished to get there so fast! Sometimes you realize things weren’t so bad, and that if you knew more about it, you could go back and have done things better. I do really like Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in this movie.

13Goingon30Disney’s Robin Hood – I didn’t watch this whole-heartedly and I do wonder if I ever watched this as a kid. It’s alright, but didn’t pull me much.

DisneysRobinHoodHow to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (own/rewatch) – I don’t know why, but I do love this movie! I’m not a huge Matthew McConaughey fan, but I do think this one is done well.

HowtoLoseaGuyin10DaysParadise – This movie was interesting…about a woman that lost her faith after surviving a plane crash, but is now covered with burn scars. She decides to go to Las Vegas and do everything her faith never allowed before. She definitely finds some fun, learns about life, and somehow survives some eek situations. All for the good of her.

ParadiseLilo & Stitch - Can you believe, I had never seen this movie? Well, I liked it, it’s very cute.

LilonStitchSyrup - The world of marketing and back-stabbing…hmm. Can’t say I loved this movie…but I guess I liked it enough.

SyrupOvernight - The concept was interesting, two people meeting on a red-eye flight and having this fast-paced romance and break-up. Do they actually end up together? You’ll have to watch. Although, I could tell you, but I will say, I only half felt their passion for each other. I did like some of the other passenger interactions and growth, though.

OvernightJust Like Heaven (own/rewatch) – Another movie I own with Mark Ruffalo and it’s another romantic movie. He does those well, amazing he’s also Hulk! This one he pairs up with Reese Witherspoon. It’s a supernatural romance that comes back into natural with the panic of saving her!

JustLikeHeavenWimbledon (own/rewatch) – I bought this movie because it was in a $5 bin, and I liked it. The trill of love and trying to win at love and tennis.

WimbledonGuilt Trip – Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand pulled me…an unexpected cross-country trip with him mom…finds out some interesting things about his father. I liked it alright..

GuiltTripStargate (rewatch) – I have the movie poster, but I actually couldn’t remember the movie, so I watched it again. I liked it, but not sure I liked it as much as I did when I was younger. Still cool, though.

StargateDuplex - Ben Stiler and Drew Barrymore…and thought why not? A couple finds the perfect rent-controlled apartment in New York and buy it….thinking they can get rid of the upstairs tenant and they will have a house. Oh…the craziness that ensues….and you’ll never guess how it ends! Hah, or maybe you will. It was fun at times, but ridiculous at others…and when you think my golly no way…you’ll see in the end.

DuplexSpaceballs (own/rewatch) – Love this movie, but I try to only watch once or twice a year, due to knowing just about everything that is going on. Hah.

SpaceballsI Give It a Year – Well, they meet, they get married fast, and then reality sets in. Will their marriage last? Their therapist isn’t that good, but says make it to a year and see. So, they do, but, do they actually last? Oddly enough, I think it ends how you want it to.

IGiveItaYearSlightly Single in LA – Cute concept, but, honestly the chemistry of the two is very lacking, even though the whole movie is wanting them to get together. Ah, well, spoiler, they do.

SlightlySingleinLALife Happens – Actually a lot cuter than I thought it would be. Party girls, and one has a baby. Wants to get back into it, but life has other plans for her. Happy ending, yes.

LifeHappensMen in Black (rewatch) – This movie is very fun to watch.

MeninBlackThe Rescuers (probably rewatch/only half) – I wasn’t really watching this…and I’m sure I watched this when I was younger, but I don’t really remember. Might have to try again another time.

TheRescuersHappy Gilmore (rewatch/mostly listen) – This was put on while we did stuff around the house, and so off and on I watched it. It’s funny, it’s ridiculous, but isn’t that why one watches this?

HappyGilmoreThat’s What She Said – This wasn’t what I expected, it was raunchy, it was ridiculous, but in the end all turns out well. Just remember yogurt works best.

ThatsWhatSheSaidZach & Miri Make a Porno – I’ve had this in my Netflix list for a while, and finally watched it. Well, it was silly, it was funny, it was a little uncomfortable at times, but in the end…all turns out for the absolute best.

ZachandMiriMakeaPornoBackwards – An alright movie about a woman who has to learn what she wants out of life after not making the Olympic team a second time.

BackwardsThe Bouquet – A sweet little movie about estranged different sisters that must come together to bring the family flower business back from failing after their father passes away.

TheBouquetKronk’s New Groove – Watched this half-heartedly over two different days and it was alright.

KronksNewGrooveStuck in Love – A movie about a family where the father is divorced, but still loves his ex. His children are trying to grow up. All three are writers. It’s painful at times to watch the father go through what he does, but really it does pay off in the end. And, the kids grow up and learn about themselves. I did like this movie.

StuckinLoveGeek Charming – Cute lil high school movie about the Geek and the Popular Girl. Guilty pleasure for sure, but in the end, I do think it was very cute.

GeekCharmingWhat Rats Won’t Do – I didn’t pay attention to this completely, but what I did, I was blah about. In a relationship, but then things get shook up when meets another guy that really shakes her…and then as you can imagine, makes one question their relationship. How does it all end up, well, I’ll just tell you, she breaks up with her guy and ends up with the other guy. Ta da.

WhatRatsWontDoDrinking Buddies – I don’t even know why I stuck this movie out. I didn’t really like it….and what you think is going to happen, doesn’t.

DrinkingBuddiesFriends With Kids – Another movie that was in my Netflix list a while, and was pleasantly surprised by it. I liked this movie and the chemistry. Friends to friends with kids to …

FriendswithKidsNational Treasure (own/rewatch) – I’ll admit I used to have a soft spot for Nicolas Cage, though it is more now for his younger years than as he ages, perhaps due to plastic surgery. I’ll digress on that. Anyway, this movie is fun…I like adventure movies.

NationalTreasureNational Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (own/rewatch) – Of course, I like adventure movies and I do enjoy the second installment…and I’ll refer back to my soft spot for Nicolas Cage. Heh.

NationalTreasureBookofSecretsThey Live – Aliens disguised as humans that make you sleep and buy things. The story is interesting, but some of it was cheesy. I definitely can see the allure.

TheyLiveSharknado - When I saw it in Netflix I added it to my list to one day watch, finally did to see what all the hype was about. Well, it was super cheesy, super not believable, and well just bad all around. HA! I guess that’s why some people loved it! Sharks swallowing people whole…yep one realizes in the end that is a good thing. Shooting sharks out of the sky, yep you can do that. Probably won’t ever watch again. Glad I was working on my blog while watching this movie.

SharknadoThe Lost Medallion – Movie about kids being the heroes. It was alright…more for kids I’d think.

TheLostMedallionThe Core – A Disney movie that I have not watched, and finding there are a lot of them. This one never caught my eye when it came out, but we decided to watch it and actually liked it. Definitely a good family movie.

TheCoreCeremony – Friends go on a weekend trip…but one has a secret…they “crash” a wedding…the secret is…the one had an affair with the bride-to-be. OK movie…things to be learned…and all ends well.

CeremonyLovelace – I kept seeing this in Netflix and got interested in Linda Lovelace’s story. Some say she lied, but did she? The movie starts out showing the life others saw her live, then goes into showing the life she says she lived. Very interesting and sad story.

LovelaceThe Addams Family (rewatch) – It had been quite a while since I watched, so it was fun and I had not remembered too much.

TheAddamsFamilyConnected – Documentary about technology and the hold it has on us for good or bad…and thoughts on love and death, too. It was pretty interesting.

ConnectedCraigslistjoe - Documentary following Joe as he makes a journey across the country by only using Craigslist to find jobs, rides, places to sleep, and food. It was interesting, but I wonder if everyone would have the same experiences. Was he just lucky, or are most people actually pretty awesome?


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Jubar Sharing 2013 Year in Review

I noticed that Jetpack wanted to let me know about how my blog did in 2013 and I thought that could be interesting. Might be more interesting to me than you, but why not check out below…

Top4BlogPosts_2013Jubar Sharing 2013 Facts:

  • Viewed nearly 3,400 times in 2013! Wow!
  • I posted 41 new posts, bringing the blogs total posts to 154!
  • The busiest day of the year was April 11th.
  • The Top 5 Posts of 2013 (i.e. most visited):
    1. Purex Natural Elements Review & Giveaway
    2. Weird Thing in My Arm (amazing from 2012 and the second most viewed – I guess a lot of people have weird things in their arms or are just interested in the topic?)
    3. Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Review & Giveaway
    4. Biltmore Estate Visit (really makes me happy to see this in the top 5 – it is such a beautiful estate and such a great place to visit; and another post from 2012)
    5. Durex Crowdtap Sampling & Giveaway
  • Search terms that found me included: hilton grand vacations, hilton grand vacations presentation, durex crowdtap, paranormal state, and suntrust cinema. Interesting.
  • Visitors to Jubar Sharing came from 60 countries around the world! Top three were United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Thanks so much to everyone that reads my blog and comments! I really appreciate all the love! Speaking of which, my top 5 commentors are: Lora S with 12 comments, Amy O with 8 comments, Paula @EatWatchRun with 6 comments, Amanda R with 5 comments, and Nancy with 5 comments.

Woo! Here’s to making 2014 a wonderful blogging year! Hope so far you are enjoying my 2013 Movies Watched and my Hersheys Chocolate Spread Review!

Look for a new Purex product giveaway soon!

December 2013 Movies Watched

This month was full of Christmas movies and similar and allowed for rewatching galore! 44 movies watched in total – I think that’s a new record!

Frozen (Theater) – A beautiful, fun, wonderful story! I really loved this one and can’t wait to see it again. Two sisters – one could accidentally destroy the world and the other is the only one that can save her!

FrozenNational Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (rewatch/two times) – I think I like this movie more each year. A Christmas classic for sure.

ChristmasVacationJingle All the Way (rewatch) – I do not think I had seen this movie since I was a kid. What a crazy movie all for a toy…but, at least the true meaning of Christmas is finally learned.

JingleAlltheWayLosing Control (2011) – A woman can’t give her boyfriend a yes when he asks her to marry him, so sets out to find unquestionable proof that he’s the one. Of course, he moves on in a few ways, but that doesn’t stop her.

LosingControlElf (own/rewatch/two times) – LOVE this movie! Buddy the Elf is awesome! A Christmas movie staple for me.

ElfI Don’t Know How She Does It – This movie was alright, but nothing special to me. A woman has it all, her dream job, kids, and a husband. Of course a nice house, too. Nearly loses it all for her job, but thankfully doesn’t. Awe.

IDontKnowHowSheDoesItThe Santa Clause (own/rewatch) – Another Christmas movie class to me. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching this since I was a kid, but I just think it’s great.

TheSantaClauseA Very Barry Christmas – I wasn’t really watching this one, it was on while cleaning. From what I heard…it was set in Australia and a guy named, Barry, looks exactly like Santa. They somehow change places….so…it because a Very Barry Christmas.

AVeryBarryChristmasThe Polar Express (rewatch) – I like this movie, but my boyfriend just can’t watch it. He doesn’t like their eyes! LOL. Anyway, it’s mostly set on a magical train…bringing select kids to see Santa.

ThePolarExpressChristmas Town – No lie, I don’t remember watching this movie. I mean, I must’ve, I said I did. A woman and her son visit her estranged father in a town completely decked out for Christmas. Strange events occur.

ChristmasTownDear Santa (rewatch) – A party girl trying to change her ways, with a nudge from her parents, comes across a sweet Santa letter and sets out to find the father and daughter. She believes it’s fate, but will he? It’s pretty cute, and I like it, and Amy Acker stars.

DearSantaHow the Grinch Stole Christmas (own/rewatch) – Knew this one would be good with Jim Carrey as the Grinch! Nicely brought to “life”.

HowtheGrinchStoleChristmasAll She Wants for Christmas (rewatch) – A small town girl loves her small town and the toy factory that she works at. She’s trying to save it from going under, while being intrigued by the new guy in town. But, is he there to take down the toy factory? It’s not one of my favorites, but I eat up Christmas movies in December, and I do at least like this.

AllSheWantsforChristmasI’ll Be Home for Christmas – So, I’ll admit, I was devouring too many Christmas movies and this one didn’t interest me too much, but I was like well I used to like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, so like why not. Well, he’s spoiled, and learns a lot on a trip across country to get home…oh and goes through a lot.

IllBeHomeforChristmasSwitchmas - Two boys swap places – one wants to have Christmas so bad because he’s Jewish and doesn’t celebrate it…the other wants to go where it is warm. Again, Netflix to the rescue as Christmas movies that I haven’t seen became slimmer and slimmer pics. Though, this one was cute, it isn’t really for me, but I had to see it through, because it still was cute. Definitely for families with kids.

SwitchmasSaving Santa – Hmm, why do I mention movies I hardly watch? A lowly elf takes on saving Santa. Awe, I’d watch it again to make sure I watch it next time. Likely I’ll forget I even listened to some of it…and say I never watched it a year from now! LOL.

SavingSantaHoles – I never saw this movie, so we decided to watch it. Yep, they dig holes…why? Because they are troublesome kids who need to build character. It was actually pretty good.

HolesA Princess for Christmas – An estranged relative invites a mother/aunt with her children to a castle in Europe. It’s her deceased brother-in-laws family, thus the children’s grandfather. Well, the grandfather who isn’t used to children learns what it means to have Christmas again and the Aunt becomes the love interest of a Prince. Oh, isn’t that every little girl’s dream?

APrincessforChristmasA Country Christmas – Is Santa real? This movie will make you wonder. Can miracles happen? This movie will tell you. Yes, I sure got teary-eyed at the end, even though really this movie is kind of cheesy.

ACountryChristmasThe Mistle-Tones (rewatch) – The Mistle-Tones are the hottest holiday mall singing group there is and one girl just really wants to be a member of it…but she barely makes the audition and the girls don’t like her. Even though, she clearly was the best singer, they select someone else to join. Someone gives her the idea to start her own group and to go against the Mistle-Tones for the mall gig. A lot of build-up, then has to go quickly to get them up to speed and tell the whole story. Still a fun, learning, holiday movie.

MistleTonesHoliday Engagement (rewatch) – A woman afraid to admit she was dumped by her boyfriend, hires a guy to be her boyfriend for the Thanksgiving weekend. These stories sure are told over and over, but it’s still sweet enough, albeit not quite believable.

HolidayEngagementHow About You… – A woman who is hardly responsible, ends up having to take care of 4 elderly people for her sister, who must go and take care of their mother. A lot of learning by all. A little slow, but still good to watch.

HowAboutYouFrosty the Snowman (own/rewatch) – Another classic that you just have to watch at the holidays.

FrostytheSnowmanThe Gift of Magi – Newlyweds can barely afford anything. Naturally things get worse, and even though they say they won’t get each other gifts, they do. To get gifts they sell their most prized possessions, which are what they other gets a gift for! Awe, still so sweet, so sweet.

TheGiftofMagiA Monster in Paris - This was an interesting animated movie that I thought my boyfriend would like, but he wasn’t so interested. I liked it. A story about a monster (mutated flea) in Paris. It’s cute and you grow to love the flea, too.

AMonsterinParisNiko 2: Little Brother, Big Trouble – This movie was very cute and made me wonder where is the first one. Animated and about reindeer.

Niko2LittleBrotherBigTroubleA Fitzgerald Family Christmas – Oh, I ended up liking this…it’s not a super up kind of movie, but it is one where there is family growth.

AFitzgeraldFamilyChristmasCrazy Kind of Love – A broken family struggles through a period of time…to come out wonderfully.

CrazyKindofLoveLove Actually (own/rewatch) – What’s funny is I bought this, because I thought I hadn’t seen it and so many really like the movie…but as I watched it, turns out I had seen it before. Anyway, like it and glad I own it. I think it’s not just good for Christmas, though, it’s just a story about love.

LoveActuallyA Perfect Day – A family man suddenly becomes successful and super busy, and a strange man comes into his life and tells him he only has 40 days to live. It’s a nice ending.

APerfectDayNativity 2: Danger in the Manger – A weird little movie about a strange guy that is the only teacher the kids have, but when they get a real teacher they have to work together. Strange guy wants them to go to a competition and the whole class wants to also, but the new teacher wants to follow the rules. Oh my…but, yes, I did watch it, and it’s not terrible…and well, it has a happy ending and a morale, so ya.

Nativity2Winnie the Pooh, and Christmas Too – This movie played twice, because it was on a flash drive. Likely it is a rewatch. Anyway, Pooh and friends write Santa, but does their letter reach him?

WinnethePoohandChrismasTooChristmas with the Kranks (rewatch) – Actually, I don’t think I ever did rewatch this one for a second time…or maybe I did! LOL. I do enjoy this movie.

ChristmaswiththeKranksSanta Clause is Coming to Town (own/rewatch) – A real classic…this year I only half-watched it…but it’s one of my favorite.

SantaClauseisComingtoTownA Christmas Story (own/rewatch) – My boyfriend’s favorite movie. “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.” A wonderful Christmas movie…that I really never got until a few years ago.

AChristmasStoryThe Heart of Christmas - This movie is so sweet, yet sad, to watch. It’s about a family that finds out their son has cancer, and doesn’t have long t live…and they plan to give him Christmas in October! It also follows another family, where the mom is so busy, but she learns about the other family and finds out more and more (thus we find out more and more). It’s based on true life. Sniff sniff.

HeartofChristmasThe Great Outdoors - My boyfriend had me watch this and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but well it has Dan Aykroyd and John Candy, so ya, I did like it. A family needs a vacation staying in a cabin, and well, the annoying brother’s family follows them…and hijinks ensue.

TheGreatOutdoorsGrease (rewatch) – “Oh, look at me, I’m Sandra Dee.” Classically fun musical.

GreaseEuropa Report – This was slow, but creepy…one little Indian, two little Indians…until..the culmination of all little Indians. Oh yes, success…uh…uh…ya…only partially. Get it? Maybe sometimes it’s better not to know if there is life “out there.”

EuropaReportBermuda Triangle Exposed – I thought this would be interesting because it is newer, but we only listened to it while doing other things around the house. It had some interesting theories, but also, some just were eh. Anyway, the truth of the matter is easily found online…no more loss there than any other place in the oceans on earth.

BermudaTriangleExposedDisney’s Hercules – Somehow I had never seen this movie, but I can’t say I was watching it fully. I do like the legend of Hercules, but I just couldn’t really get into Disney’s version. I might try to watch it when I can devote my attention to it sometime.

HerculesSilver Bells – An obnoxious man thinks it’s fine to be that way, until he is punished for going too far by having to ring the Salvation Army’s bell. It’s alright.

SilverBellsWhat If… – You made a different decision 15 years ago and you got to see how that path would have went…and you didn’t really believe it was happening…and then it wasn’t, but…fate steps in to your present and…now you have a real decision to make based on that new information. Yes, a lot more happens, but you still get a happy ending. It was cute.

WhatIfFlashdance (probably rewatch) – I don’t remember watching this, but I feel as if I must have at some point. All she wants to do is dance! Factory worker by day and strip dancer at night. It was a pretty good movie.

FlashdanceAtlantis: The Lost Empire (probably rewatch) – Milo joins a group of explorers to find the lost city of Atlantis. It was pretty good.

AtlantisTheLostEmpire Groundhog Day (own/rewatch) – I just felt like watching this movie, and I’ll likely watch again on the day. It’s a great movie and I love it. How many groundhog days does he live over and over? People sure estimate.

GroundhogDayExpect Groundhog Day to be rewatched on February 2nd, or close to it. :)

November 2013 Movies Watched

Toward the end of the month I started to allow early Christmas movies, while I started the month with more romantic movies.

Princess: A Modern Fairytale (rewatch) – It’s a little wild and it was made for TV, I think I might have even seen it on TV. As I was watching, I realized I probably watched this already. Anyway, it’s about a benefit dinner that a special Princess offers a date to raise money. A young man uses the rest of his trust fund to have that date…and then….magical things happen.

PrincessModernFairytaleSafe Haven – A young woman bonds with a widower and then, has to face her past. A sweet little romance with some scares for sure.

SafeHavenDorfman in Love – A young woman’s life is changed forever when she house sits for someone downtown. Pretty good movie…and definitely happy the way it ends.

DorfmaninLoveThor: The Dark World (Theater) – I was waiting eagerly to see this movie at the theater and it did not disappoint. The second Thor movie….and he must protect Jane Foster from a new old threat.

ThorDarkWorldThe Last Keepers - Finding your power…coming of age…trying to be different from your family, but realizing you should never stray and all will be okay. Cute movie, very family friendly.

TheLastKeepersElla Enchanted (own/rewatch) – Such a fun movie…I enjoy watching this. Ella is one obedient girl…and it’s a lot unfortunate, but it also becomes fortunate.

EllaEnchantedHappy Feet (own/rewatch) – He’s one different penguin, and he doesn’t fit in, but he saves everyone, eventually. It’s so sweet and cute…and then at the end it gets all preachy.

HappyFeetCompulsion – Eat my food. Eat my food. Eat my food! Or I’ll eat you! Muhahahaha. It’s dark, it’s stylized, and at least that’s how I think it ends.

CompulsionChristmas with the Kranks (own/rewatch) – Their daughter won’t be home for Christmas, so they plan to skip Christmas (based on the book ‘Skipping Christmas’). Naturally, that’s tough to do, and in the end all that skipping and then, they must put on Christmas all in a day! I find it funny, fun, Christmasy, and just something I must watch every Christmas season.

ChristmaswiththeKranksLovestruck the Musical – A potion turns a mom into a cousin…and brings exes back together. Yes, there is singing and dancing and Jane Seymore.

Lovestruck,_The_MusicalMickey’s Christmas Carol (own/rewatch) – A Christmas Carol with Mickey, Minnie, Scrooge McDuck, Goofty, etc.

MickeysChristmasCarolRudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (own/rewatch) – On in the background, more than actually watching. I bet you know what this movie is about, it’s a classic.

RudolphArthur Christmas (own/rewatch) – Squee a newer Christmas movie! It’s about one of Santa’s sons, Arthur, who takes it upon himself to make sure the ONE missed toy will get to the little girl. It will take a lot! I definitely like this movie.


October 2013 Movies Watched

This month I tried to watch more weird and dark and scary movies.

Underworld (own/rewatch) – LOVE this movie! Vampire vs. Werewolves. A human holds the key. Need I say more?

UnderworldSilent Hill: Revelation – I was interested since I had watched the first Silent Hill. It was pretty good. I liked the concept of the one in the same, parts of the same story. No where near as creepy though as the first. Also, I did not see it in 3D, as we do not have a 3D TV. And, I liked that Kit Harrington was in it.

SilentHillRevelationDirt! The Movie – Documentary about Dirt! Honestly, I don’t remember much. Guess it didn’t move me like other documentaries.

DirtTheMovieBreaking Upwards – A couple plans their own breakup. Now how well can that go? It was alright.

BreakingUpwardsTricks of a Woman – Turn an ugly duckling into a model. No problem. It’s alright, it’s watchable.

TricksofaWomanThe Nightmare Before Christmas (own VHS-need DVD/rewatch) – Jack Skellington it tops when it comes to Halloween, but then he craves something more. Great movie!

TheNightmareBeforeChristmasUpside Down – My boyfriend said someone recommended this movie to him. It was weird. About a world where two meet in the middle and are upside down from each other…due to the environments they cannot walk on each others. Does love conquer all? You bet your upside down buns it does!

UpsideDownThe Brass Teapot - This movie was weird…this movie makes you say…oh come on I’d have stopped already! They find a teapot that gives them money whenever they inflict pain on themselves…it’s the miracle they have been needing…and then they find out it has a curse with it. Can they break it? Was it all worth it? Maybe, maybe not. I would not watch this movie again, but it was alright to watch once.

TheBrassTeapotEscape from Planet Earth – Animated movie that we weren’t sure about, but it was pretty cute. Aliens receive an SOS signal from Earth – a dangerous planet! I liked this movie.

EscapefromPlanetEarthClue (rewatch) – Sheesh, why don’t I own this movie? Love it. That old who done it movie. Hehe. Do you know who killed the cook? What about the singing telegram girl? What about Mr. Body? So funny, so fun, so great!

ClueThe Mummy (own/rewatch) – It combined a couple of my favorite things – Egypt and Brendan Frasier. Haha…I don’t follow him like I used to, that’s for sure. Anyway, Egypt, mummies, a curse, yep, it is my kind of movie.

TheMummyUnderworld: Rise of the Lycans (own/rewatch) – This one is really good. Telling the story of the werewolves and their beginning.

UnderworldRiseofLycansThe Scorpion King (own/rewatch) – A dessert warrior must defeat an evil army, naturally by capturing the beautiful sorceress. I like this movie a lot.

TheScorpionKingShaun of the Dead (own/rewatch) – As you can see, I watch this movie often. “You got red on you.” Really good zombie movie, even if you don’t like zombie movies.

ShaunoftheDeadCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – I really liked this and I want a pet Strawberry. I really, really, do, those things were ridiculously cute. Anyway, a really fun for the whole family animation. And, I recall liking the first one, too.

CloudywithaChanceofMeatballsHad to add this last one on 1/30/14, when I realized I had actually gone to theater to see it…amazingly on Halloween. Heh.


September 2013 Movies Watched

This month was another mix of movies from old to new, from Disney to not, and documentaries! Stonehenge: Decoded – Documentary about Stonehenge. New theories on who built and why. Very interesting. StonehengeDecodedCheesecake Casserole – Secrets come out when 4 friends get together one last time before graduation! Casseroles are involved. Decent chick flick, if you will. CheesecakeCasseroleFootloose (1984) – I probably saw this at some point in the past, but I sure didn’t remember it. The original, although duplicated, is still good. FootlooseJeff, Who Lives at Home – A slacker discovers his destiny. Meh, and I like Jason Segal…but not that much. JeffWhoLivesatHomeThe Kitchen – A 30th birthday party to remember where everything happens in the kitchen. Quite a day she would rather forget. I liked it…pretty wild, yet not. Laura Prepon is the birthday girl. TheKitchenTommy Boy – Yep, I don’t think I ever saw this, and my boyfriend insisted. It’s pretty crazy, and sometimes painful to watch, and a bit ridiculous, but still good. TommyBoyParker – How could I not watch a movie called Parker? Anyway, this one is about a thief who is double-crossed. With a new identity he sets out to hijack the score from his old crew. I liked this movie. ParkerRemarkable Power – What a tangled web we weave to get back at an ex. I think all ends well, but it’s fuzzy. Anyway, it was alright. RemarkablePowerEmperor’s New Groove (own/rewatch) – Fun Disney movie about an Emperor who is turned into a llama…yep that will change someone! Heh. Of course I totally enjoyed this movie! EmperorsNewGrooveSolomon Kane – I wasn’t entirely watching this movie…something about an evil mercenary, who changes his ways to redeem himself to get his soul back. Supernatural at times…might be good for those that enjoy this genre. I liked what I saw alright. SolomanKaneAll Good Things – I think I only watched this because a friend of mine posted that she did. I still have yet to watch the other one…anyway. This movie was made loosely based on a true story! Yikies! I didn’t know that until the end…anyway…yikies! If you like an fulfilling ending or based on real life…this is for you. AllGoodThingsMulan – Yes, I had NEVER seen this before. Why, this was good! I really liked it! If you haven’t, why? Go watch this Disney movie! MulanBeneath the Darkness – A group of teenagers watch a friend get murdered and make it a mission to prove the local hero is actually a horrible murderer. It’s one of those painful to watch because you can see it coming and then, like why did you do that. Anyway, you’ll have to watch it to find out if all turned out well – oh heck, only partially. BeneaththeDarknessSassy Pants – This was…interesting mildly. Eh…girl needs to see the world…runs to father…finds a friend in his much-younger lover. SassyPantsMulan II - The sequel where Mulan is to get her happily ever after….but of course, it’s not that easy. Not as good as the original, but still fun. MulanIIPrincess Protection Program - Guilty pleasure. A princess must learn to live like a normal teenager. PrincessProtectionProgramAladdin (own/rewatch) – One of my absolute favorite Disney animations! I have loved this movie since I saw it in the theater…I used to sing the songs all the time…and every now and again I’ll bust out in “It’s a Whole New World”, though YOU will never hear me…(at least probably not). Aladdin, Genie, Princess Jasmine, Abu, Raja, Carpet…oh yes, I love them all! And, Jafar is my favorite villain. Aladdin

August 2013 Movies Watched

Another month of movies…20 in all, here we go!

First Wives Club - What a fun movie with Goldie Hawn, Bette Milder, and Diane Keaton! Reunited upon the death of a mutual friend, they all vow to get back at the men that divorced them. Liked it.

FirstWivesClubNot Suitable for Children - A young man finds out he will become infertile in one month, realizes he wants children and sets out to procreate. It’s funny and sweet…with a nice ending after all.

NotSuitableforChildren The Heat (Theater) – On a whim we went to the movies and were in the mood for a comedy. This one did not disappoint. I laughed out loud and thoroughly enjoyed. Uptight FBI Agent (Sandra Bullock) is paired with a foul-mouthed Boston cop (Melissa McCarthy) to find a drug lord.

TheHeatUnknown - A man awakens from a coma to find out someone has taken over his life and no one believes him. I like Liam Neesom, so I’m unsure why I do not remember watching this movie…I’ll just chalk that up to time and perhaps to watch again.

UnknownView From the Top – I never got around to watching this, so finally I did. Gwynth Paltrow and Christina Applegate as rivaling airline attendants is a lot of fun. Small town girl learns all about the world of high flying and aims to have it all. Does she achieve her goal? Likely. :)

ViewfromtheTopGood Intentions – A wife finally takes the family’s financial situation into her own hands after countless times of her husband blowing all their money on hair-brained inventions. Nothing special, but not disappointing.

GoodIntentionsIf You Only Knew – A man needs an apartment, so the logical thing to do is tell your potential roommate you are gay. Only silliness can happen….and misunderstandings…and feelings…I liked it enough.

IfYouOnlyKnewWake Up - Documentary about a guy that can see angels and demons. I don’t think I finished this, and realized I wasn’t that interested in it.

WakeUpRise of the Guardians (Redbox) – I liked this animation. It was so cute…and funny…and fun. Evil awakens, and the Guardians must protect the children of the Earth!

RiseoftheGuardiansBeautiful Creatures (Redbox) – I had wanted to go to the theater to see this, but since I did not I rented one night. I liked it, but it wasn’t all that I was hoping for after reading the book. Guess, I read two books before the movies came out in 2013, wow.

BeautifulCreatures6 Souls – Julianne Moore’s character is a forensic psychiatrist and must find out what is going on with a patient that has multiple personalities. You know you want to find out! Though, I only liked it alright.

6SoulsThe Host (Redbox) – I really liked this movie. Aliens take over human bodies and few humans are left. One girl who is taken over, fights from the inside and manages to get her body to her friends. It’s really interesting the personalities of the two and the struggle internally to be dominant. And, I really liked that there was a happy ending for both of them.

TheHostBranded - It was interesting the idea that corporations have created a disillusioned population with their branding and one man’s effort to stop the conspiracy. Meh, tho.

BrandedLast Kind Words – Supernatural movie about a boy who finds a girl who is perfect, but it turns out she’s dead and she has a secret. And, yes, the ending is weird. It was alright. Not something I’d watch again.

LastKindWordsSecrets of the Dead: Terracotta Warriors – Interesting information about the Terracotta Warriors.  Documentary.

ChinasTerracottaWarriorsNational Geographic: Herod’s Lost Tomb - Pretty interesting documentary about Herod’s Lost Tomb, considering I didn’t know that much about it.

HerodsLostTombGirls Just Want to Have Fun – What a fun movie about a girl that just wants to dance, but is told she can’t by her parents. With her new friend, she enters a contest and makes it. Yah!

GirlsJustWanttoHaveFunIt’s a Disaster – Quirky movie about four couples that meet for a dinner party when the world is about to end. A lot of learning about each other happens. It was different for sure…and how should it end…does it end?

ItsaDisasterAlexandria – Documentary about the ancient city of Alexandria. You know I liked it.

AlexandriaNatural Selection – Slow strange story about a woman that discovers her dying husband had an illegitimate son a long time ago, so she sets out to find him. What a path this devout, sheltered woman takes.

NaturalSelectionCategory 6: Days of Destruction – Catastrophe happens when a category 6 twister happens upon a city. It’s alright if you need a movie like this.