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MomsNightOutPromoBeing a mom is the hardest job on the planet, and sometimes a mom needs a break, too! Purex is celebrating Mother’s Day and the release of Sony’s new motion picture ‘Moms’ Night Out’ by giving away a night out for you and five friends!

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What would you do with five friends on your night out? I’d go to a wine bar and laugh and chat it up! It’s always great having a ladies night out and sharing.

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Purex No Sort for Colors Review & Giveaway

Purex Insiders has provided me with another great product to try and share – Purex No Sort for Colors detergent! I received a bottle of the Purex No Sort for Colors detergent and coupons to have a giveaway.

PurexNoSortDetergentBoxOpenProduct Information
New Purex No Sort for Colors detergent is the latest from the Purex brand to simplify your laundry routine. It features breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer Technology that traps loose dyes in the wash and reduces color bleeding accidents in your mixed color loads leaving your clothes clean and bright. This new technology traps loose dyes in the wash and dos not let them settle onto other fabrics.

PurexNoSortDetergentPacked with innovation, but not a miracle worker! Please follow these words of advice: wash strongly colored fabrics or new pieces of clothing, especially jeans, separately at least 5 times before doing a mixed color load with Purex No Sort for Colors detergent.

It has a really great scent and I look forward to seeing this new Purex No Sort for Colors detergent in action! My boyfriend just tossed a load of reds, blacks, and other colors in…so it was the perfect time to try it out! After the wash, I wasn’t sure the scent was as good going in, but it sure is a help not to have to sort colors. I washed some of my own clothes and definitely like this detergent. I will probably still keep whites separate, but I sort colors, too…so now I’ll be able to just have colors and whites! It’s very exciting, but I do hope they expand the scents for this new product of theirs.

PurexNoSortCouponsPurex Sweepstakes
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The Purex brand provided me with a sample of Purex No Sort for Color detergent in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.

March 2014 Movies Watched

March movies were an equal parts movies and documentaries. I’m definitely back into my documentary phase. This includes Ted Talks and watching youtube channels – vlog brothers, SciShow, and Veritasium. I really enjoy learning and highly recommend those three channels if you enjoy learning, too. I might later do a blog post about my further thoughts on the channels, but for now here are the March movies and documentaries I watched.

Airheads (maybe rewatch) – I was in the mood for a 90s movie and this did not disappoint and also had my late 90s crush of Brendan Fraiser in it. I really can’t remember if I ever saw this before, but somehow I think I must have. Things sure get out of hand in a radio studio, but phew…sort of work out.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (rewatch) – It had been quite a while since I’d seen this movie and just as fun as always…but amazing what one doesn’t remember! Like Jennifer Grey being the sister and in a lot of the movie! Some of the things no one would get away with now…like the principal going to Ferris’s house!


Down Periscope (maybe rewatch) – Another movie I must’ve seen before, but can’t really remember. Pete said it was hilarious…and actually it was. Heh.


Legally Blondes – Twin cousins of Elle move from England to CA with their father to start a new life. They live in Elle’s house and attend her former boarding school. Of course…things go wrong and aren’t as easy as things were for them in England…and then, of course, one twin must defend they other twin in a school trial. It’s cute, but more a guilty pleasure.


The Lifeguard – A woman (Kristen Bell) wants to restart her life, so she moves back home to figure things out and takes on her college job of a lifeguard. Well, things aren’t always that easy…and really get kind of complicated…when she has a relationship with a boy in high school and well, she’s like out-of-college and had a job and everything. Luckily things work out alright for her in the end, but ya…they touch on jail and job losses and my-oh-my…ain’t life complicated. It was dark…and slow at times…and sad other times.


Fifty Pills – A young man must sell 50 pills that his roommate left behind in order to pay for his next semester of college. If only that was so easy…turning drug dealer has it’s disadvantages for sure. And, to make matters worse the girl he’s interested in…ya she doesn’t think he should do it…and he lies at first, but she finds out…but haha in the end it all works out. It’s an okay movie and was the second one of the night with Kristen Bell.


The Sweetest Thing (rewatch) – Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, and Selma Blair star. I know I went to the theater to watch this movie when I was in college, but hadn’t seen it since. It was a fun movie to watch…party girl can’t get a guy she meets at a nightclub out of her head…so her and friend try to track him down…oh oh…hijinks ensue! Then, she finds out it was HIS wedding and not his brother’s that he was going to! D’oh! Of course….it’s a cute romantic comedy and all ends well that is supposed to!


The Real Story: Indiana Jones (documentary) – This gave examples of men in the early 1900’s who could have inspired Lucas and Spielberg in creating Indiana Jones. The possibility is there, but none acknowledged by either.


Secrets: The Turin Shroud (documentary) – This went through the many ideas about the Turin Shroud and how it came to be…that was pretty interesting. Still up to debate to many, but also, still the burial shroud of Jesus to many.


Mystery Files: Leondardo DaVinci (documentary) – This was saying that DaVinci was not the first to have the ideas he did…that he was only improving upon others, or even noting they were someone’s. Hmm…


Mystery Files: Alexander the Great (documentary) – This was about Alexander the Great, but I think I wasn’t paying that much attention…with it being a Mystery Files, more than likely was speculation about something rather than fact.


Mystery Files: King Arthur (documentary) – This was more about the potential inspirations for the story, and not saying that King Arthur existed. Elements of King Arthur can likely be found in some, but who knows if really they were the inspiration…


Secrets: Richard III Revealed (documentary) – This was about finding Richard III’s skeletal remains under a parking lot in England. I remember reading about it last year, so it was neat to hear the whole story. Quite amazing that they actually found his remains and that it turns out, he was indeed a hunchback.


Mystery Files: Pope Joan (documentary) – Was there ever a woman that was Pope? Some say there was, religion says there was not. I’m skeptical…and do think it’s more myth than reality. It would be very cool to find out this was true, though.


 The Woman Who Wasn’t There (documentary) – This was wild, I had no idea a woman totally convinced people for years that she was a 9/11 survivor and was so involved with everyone! She’s a sociopath that really lived a lie, but it caught up with her and now no one knows where she is. Pretty fascinating, but understandable that it was very upsetting for actual survivors to find out she lied to them when they had befriended her and let her into their lives.


Mystery Files: Marco Polo (documentary) – Did I really watch this? Honestly, I don’t remember enough and don’t think what I do was enough to watch again. If Marco Polo interests you, check it out on Netflix, though! It’s short!


Secrets: Golden Raft of El Dorado (documentary) – Around a golden raft that is said to come from El Dorado….did it really exist? Interesting arguments.


The Croods (rewatch) – I liked the movie the first time I saw it, but no joke I loved it the second time! Cute caveman family has to change from hiding from everything to going out in the open when they meet Guy and their world changes. All the character are great, it’s funny, and I personally LOVE Belt and would have that big cat as a pet! I’m going to think about owning this.


The Avengers (rewatch) – I own this movie, but actually watched on Netflix because it was there. Still great, action-filled, but of course, some moments that are not believable that they truly survived. I can believe Captain America, Hulk, Loki and Thor can survive anything. I can only sort of believe that Iron Man can survive lots. I cannot believe that Black Widow, Hawkeye, or really any of the humans with no super powers can survive as much as some do. Anyway…still love the movie and look forward to The Avengers 2!


 Thanks for reading! I’d love to know if you watch documentaries?

NEW Purex® Fresh Pet detergent for Pet Clothing

As a Purex Insider I get the wonderful opportunity to try new products and this time it’s the NEW Purex Fresh Pet detergent for Pet Clothing! How wonderful, finally a detergent specifically for my pet’s clothing!


Purex Fresh Pet will keep your furry friends clothing looking bright and clean just like yours! It contains and Odor Control Action formula specifically created to condition and moisturize your pet’s coat and eliminate odors when they wear their favorite outfits! Whether hanging out in the sun by the window or going for a walk around the neighborhood, your pet’s outfit will definitely be noticed!


I washed Parker’s clothes and bedding and wow…amazing looking and smelling. I’ll definitely be using this from now on to wash his clothes, instead of my regular Purex detergent. He’s a special fur-baby in our family and he deserves clothes that are bright and clean, too!

Parker_Shirt Will you be going out to buy this new Purex Fresh Pet detergent for your furry cuties? 


February 2014 Movies Watched

After January was so movie-filled, I watched a lot less movies in February. Not entirely a coincidence of it being a shorter month. So, here they are:

The Kids are All Alright – An unconventional family has to deal with cheating…it’s not normal, it was definitely interesting and tangled.

TheKidsareAllRightThe Other Woman – Being the second wife isn’t easy, but wow…it isn’t easy after having a miscarriage either. Everything brings them apart, and it sure is complicated…will find them working through it in the end. I liked it, but it is tough at times. Also, not to be confused with the UPCOMING The Other Woman movie starring Cameron Diaz (I want to see it).

TheOtherWomanDivorce Invitation– A man gets married, but then sees his long lost love again and wants a divorce. He does everything to get one, but realizes that he has one heck of a pre-nup that he signed. Will he get that divorce? Haha…it was silly and ridiculous, but was so sweet at the end.

DivorceIntentionsGroundhog Day (rewatch/own) – Just seemed like the perfect thing to watch on February 2nd. Anyone else? Oh just love this movie!

GroundhogDayGlory Daze – Just before graduation a man realizes he could still have the college lifestyle…so all summer the friends have it…but then they realize they do need to move on. Heh…90s movie that I never watched. It was a little bit fun…but alright.

GloryDazeLast Night – A couple is doing well, but then,…last night happens. They survive it…they just don’t talk about it…and sheesh they do love each other. It was interesting and I wasn’t sure if I should hope for their cheatings to continue or not…I guess not.

LastNightThe Mouse and the Motorcycle – Weird little movie…guess good for kids…my boyfriend remembered watching this a long time ago. I was like the mouse is creepy, yet cute…weird. Glad it was short.

TheMouseandtheMotorcycleTadpole – Boy loves his step-mother…finds himself in a love triangle (of his own making)…and has to learn that his dad loves his step-mother and that’s who should be together.  It was alright.

TadpoleThe Dish and the Spoon – This movie was weird…I’m not sure I paid enough attention, because it sure seemed like in the end….she went back to the man that kicked her out, but he didn’t kick her out…she went out…oh my, my…confusing.

TheDishandtheSpoonSecrets: The Sphinx – Always something with the Sphinx and I thought it would be new and revealing…it kind of was.

SecretsTheSphinxSecrets: A Viking Map? – This one on the other hand, ended up going in circles and basically convincing everyone that the map was in fact a forgery.

SecretsAVikingMapThe Adventures of Tintin – This movie was so gosh darn cute and a nicely done animation. I recommend it, especially to families.


January 2014 Movies Watched

January’s movies included plenty of rewatching, but still lots of movies I’ve never seen. I can’t say they were all great movies, but they pass the time…and some are definitely surprising. Ahh, Netflix the things you help us find.

13 Going on 30 (own/rewatch) – This movie is so gosh darn cute, I just love it. When we are younger we wish to be an adult so bad, and then once we are an adult, we often realize we shouldn’t have wished to get there so fast! Sometimes you realize things weren’t so bad, and that if you knew more about it, you could go back and have done things better. I do really like Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo in this movie.

13Goingon30Disney’s Robin Hood – I didn’t watch this whole-heartedly and I do wonder if I ever watched this as a kid. It’s alright, but didn’t pull me much.

DisneysRobinHoodHow to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (own/rewatch) – I don’t know why, but I do love this movie! I’m not a huge Matthew McConaughey fan, but I do think this one is done well.

HowtoLoseaGuyin10DaysParadise – This movie was interesting…about a woman that lost her faith after surviving a plane crash, but is now covered with burn scars. She decides to go to Las Vegas and do everything her faith never allowed before. She definitely finds some fun, learns about life, and somehow survives some eek situations. All for the good of her.

ParadiseLilo & Stitch – Can you believe, I had never seen this movie? Well, I liked it, it’s very cute.

LilonStitchSyrup – The world of marketing and back-stabbing…hmm. Can’t say I loved this movie…but I guess I liked it enough.

SyrupOvernight – The concept was interesting, two people meeting on a red-eye flight and having this fast-paced romance and break-up. Do they actually end up together? You’ll have to watch. Although, I could tell you, but I will say, I only half felt their passion for each other. I did like some of the other passenger interactions and growth, though.

OvernightJust Like Heaven (own/rewatch) – Another movie I own with Mark Ruffalo and it’s another romantic movie. He does those well, amazing he’s also Hulk! This one he pairs up with Reese Witherspoon. It’s a supernatural romance that comes back into natural with the panic of saving her!

JustLikeHeavenWimbledon (own/rewatch) – I bought this movie because it was in a $5 bin, and I liked it. The trill of love and trying to win at love and tennis.

WimbledonGuilt Trip – Seth Rogan and Barbara Streisand pulled me…an unexpected cross-country trip with him mom…finds out some interesting things about his father. I liked it alright..

GuiltTripStargate (rewatch) – I have the movie poster, but I actually couldn’t remember the movie, so I watched it again. I liked it, but not sure I liked it as much as I did when I was younger. Still cool, though.

StargateDuplex – Ben Stiler and Drew Barrymore…and thought why not? A couple finds the perfect rent-controlled apartment in New York and buy it….thinking they can get rid of the upstairs tenant and they will have a house. Oh…the craziness that ensues….and you’ll never guess how it ends! Hah, or maybe you will. It was fun at times, but ridiculous at others…and when you think my golly no way…you’ll see in the end.

DuplexSpaceballs (own/rewatch) – Love this movie, but I try to only watch once or twice a year, due to knowing just about everything that is going on. Hah.

SpaceballsI Give It a Year – Well, they meet, they get married fast, and then reality sets in. Will their marriage last? Their therapist isn’t that good, but says make it to a year and see. So, they do, but, do they actually last? Oddly enough, I think it ends how you want it to.

IGiveItaYearSlightly Single in LA – Cute concept, but, honestly the chemistry of the two is very lacking, even though the whole movie is wanting them to get together. Ah, well, spoiler, they do.

SlightlySingleinLALife Happens – Actually a lot cuter than I thought it would be. Party girls, and one has a baby. Wants to get back into it, but life has other plans for her. Happy ending, yes.

LifeHappensMen in Black (rewatch) – This movie is very fun to watch.

MeninBlackThe Rescuers (probably rewatch/only half) – I wasn’t really watching this…and I’m sure I watched this when I was younger, but I don’t really remember. Might have to try again another time.

TheRescuersHappy Gilmore (rewatch/mostly listen) – This was put on while we did stuff around the house, and so off and on I watched it. It’s funny, it’s ridiculous, but isn’t that why one watches this?

HappyGilmoreThat’s What She Said – This wasn’t what I expected, it was raunchy, it was ridiculous, but in the end all turns out well. Just remember yogurt works best.

ThatsWhatSheSaidZach & Miri Make a Porno – I’ve had this in my Netflix list for a while, and finally watched it. Well, it was silly, it was funny, it was a little uncomfortable at times, but in the end…all turns out for the absolute best.

ZachandMiriMakeaPornoBackwards – An alright movie about a woman who has to learn what she wants out of life after not making the Olympic team a second time.

BackwardsThe Bouquet – A sweet little movie about estranged different sisters that must come together to bring the family flower business back from failing after their father passes away.

TheBouquetKronk’s New Groove – Watched this half-heartedly over two different days and it was alright.

KronksNewGrooveStuck in Love – A movie about a family where the father is divorced, but still loves his ex. His children are trying to grow up. All three are writers. It’s painful at times to watch the father go through what he does, but really it does pay off in the end. And, the kids grow up and learn about themselves. I did like this movie.

StuckinLoveGeek Charming – Cute lil high school movie about the Geek and the Popular Girl. Guilty pleasure for sure, but in the end, I do think it was very cute.

GeekCharmingWhat Rats Won’t Do – I didn’t pay attention to this completely, but what I did, I was blah about. In a relationship, but then things get shook up when meets another guy that really shakes her…and then as you can imagine, makes one question their relationship. How does it all end up, well, I’ll just tell you, she breaks up with her guy and ends up with the other guy. Ta da.

WhatRatsWontDoDrinking Buddies – I don’t even know why I stuck this movie out. I didn’t really like it….and what you think is going to happen, doesn’t.

DrinkingBuddiesFriends With Kids – Another movie that was in my Netflix list a while, and was pleasantly surprised by it. I liked this movie and the chemistry. Friends to friends with kids to …

FriendswithKidsNational Treasure (own/rewatch) – I’ll admit I used to have a soft spot for Nicolas Cage, though it is more now for his younger years than as he ages, perhaps due to plastic surgery. I’ll digress on that. Anyway, this movie is fun…I like adventure movies.

NationalTreasureNational Treasure 2: Book of Secrets (own/rewatch) – Of course, I like adventure movies and I do enjoy the second installment…and I’ll refer back to my soft spot for Nicolas Cage. Heh.

NationalTreasureBookofSecretsThey Live – Aliens disguised as humans that make you sleep and buy things. The story is interesting, but some of it was cheesy. I definitely can see the allure.

TheyLiveSharknado – When I saw it in Netflix I added it to my list to one day watch, finally did to see what all the hype was about. Well, it was super cheesy, super not believable, and well just bad all around. HA! I guess that’s why some people loved it! Sharks swallowing people whole…yep one realizes in the end that is a good thing. Shooting sharks out of the sky, yep you can do that. Probably won’t ever watch again. Glad I was working on my blog while watching this movie.

SharknadoThe Lost Medallion – Movie about kids being the heroes. It was alright…more for kids I’d think.

TheLostMedallionThe Core – A Disney movie that I have not watched, and finding there are a lot of them. This one never caught my eye when it came out, but we decided to watch it and actually liked it. Definitely a good family movie.

TheCoreCeremony – Friends go on a weekend trip…but one has a secret…they “crash” a wedding…the secret is…the one had an affair with the bride-to-be. OK movie…things to be learned…and all ends well.

CeremonyLovelace – I kept seeing this in Netflix and got interested in Linda Lovelace’s story. Some say she lied, but did she? The movie starts out showing the life others saw her live, then goes into showing the life she says she lived. Very interesting and sad story.

LovelaceThe Addams Family (rewatch) – It had been quite a while since I watched, so it was fun and I had not remembered too much.

TheAddamsFamilyConnected – Documentary about technology and the hold it has on us for good or bad…and thoughts on love and death, too. It was pretty interesting.

ConnectedCraigslistjoe – Documentary following Joe as he makes a journey across the country by only using Craigslist to find jobs, rides, places to sleep, and food. It was interesting, but I wonder if everyone would have the same experiences. Was he just lucky, or are most people actually pretty awesome?


Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Review and Giveaway

Purex Insiders has provided me with another product to review, Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap! They also provided me with coupons to hold a giveaway so potentially YOU can try out the product, too!

The NEW Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap brings luxury to your hand washing experience. These premium soaps feature vibrant scents with a gentle micro-scrubber formula that smooths and moisturizes the skin. The scents are water blossoms (invigorating with a crisp floral scent inspired by aquatic botanicals), coconut lime verbena (brightens your day with juicy and tangy citrus), and yellow raspberry & black sugar (refreshes your senses with a tart and rich sweetness).

I received the coconut lime verbena and yellow raspberry&black sugar scents to try. The yellow raspberry&black sugar has more of a citrusy raspberry scent to me, but also sweet. It’s nice. You can really feel those micro-scrubbers when washing your hands. It feels very refreshingly moisturizing and leaves my hands smelling great. The coconut lime smells like you’d expect, but a bit like a candy. I imagine it will feel the same using. Definitely like!

Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar


Coconut Lime Verbena


THREE lucky winners will each receive ONE Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Free Product coupon (up to $3)! The Jubar Sharing giveaway ends on 3/18/14 at 12:00am. If you win, you must respond within 24 hours with your mailing address, or a new winner will be chosen. The coupons expire 3/31/2014, so I want to get them out ASAP, so you can get your free product!


Enter in the Rafflecopter application below. Good luck!
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**The Dial brand provided me with a sample of Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.**

Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze Review & Giveaway

As a Purex Insider every now and again I get to try out a new product for free! This month I received the new Purex Crystals in Fresh Mountain Breeze. Infuse your laundry with long-lasting freshness! Your clothes will smell fresh for weeks, not days! The natural formula is safe for your family and the environment.

The smell of Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze is wonderful! I am so glad they made this scent, and I feel like FINALLY! By far this scent is my favorite of the Purex Crystals.


PurexCrystalsJubar Sharing Giveaway
Two lucky winners will each receive ONE Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze Free Product coupon! The Jubar Sharing giveaway ends on 2/12/13 at 12:00am. Enter in the Rafflecopter application below. Good luck!

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“The Purex brand provided me with a sample of Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.”

Jubar Sharing 2013 Year in Review

I noticed that Jetpack wanted to let me know about how my blog did in 2013 and I thought that could be interesting. Might be more interesting to me than you, but why not check out below…

Top4BlogPosts_2013Jubar Sharing 2013 Facts:

  • Viewed nearly 3,400 times in 2013! Wow!
  • I posted 41 new posts, bringing the blogs total posts to 154!
  • The busiest day of the year was April 11th.
  • The Top 5 Posts of 2013 (i.e. most visited):
    1. Purex Natural Elements Review & Giveaway
    2. Weird Thing in My Arm (amazing from 2012 and the second most viewed – I guess a lot of people have weird things in their arms or are just interested in the topic?)
    3. Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Review & Giveaway
    4. Biltmore Estate Visit (really makes me happy to see this in the top 5 – it is such a beautiful estate and such a great place to visit; and another post from 2012)
    5. Durex Crowdtap Sampling & Giveaway
  • Search terms that found me included: hilton grand vacations, hilton grand vacations presentation, durex crowdtap, paranormal state, and suntrust cinema. Interesting.
  • Visitors to Jubar Sharing came from 60 countries around the world! Top three were United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

Thanks so much to everyone that reads my blog and comments! I really appreciate all the love! Speaking of which, my top 5 commentors are: Lora S with 12 comments, Amy O with 8 comments, Paula @EatWatchRun with 6 comments, Amanda R with 5 comments, and Nancy with 5 comments.

Woo! Here’s to making 2014 a wonderful blogging year! Hope so far you are enjoying my 2013 Movies Watched and my Hersheys Chocolate Spread Review!

Look for a new Purex product giveaway soon!