March 2014 Movies Watched

March movies were an equal parts movies and documentaries. I’m definitely back into my documentary phase. This includes Ted Talks and watching youtube channels – vlog brothers, SciShow, and Veritasium. I really enjoy learning and highly recommend those three channels … Continue reading

February 2014 Movies Watched

After January was so movie-filled, I watched a lot less movies in February. Not entirely a coincidence of it being a shorter month. So, here they are: The Kids are All Alright – An unconventional family has to deal with … Continue reading

January 2014 Movies Watched

January’s movies included plenty of rewatching, but still lots of movies I’ve never seen. I can’t say they were all great movies, but they pass the time…and some are definitely surprising. Ahh, Netflix the things you help us find. 13 … Continue reading

December 2013 Movies Watched

This month was full of Christmas movies and similar and allowed for rewatching galore! 44 movies watched in total – I think that’s a new record! Frozen (Theater) – A beautiful, fun, wonderful story! I really loved this one and … Continue reading

November 2013 Movies Watched

Toward the end of the month I started to allow early Christmas movies, while I started the month with more romantic movies. Princess: A Modern Fairytale (rewatch) – It’s a little wild and it was made for TV, I think … Continue reading

October 2013 Movies Watched

This month I tried to watch more weird and dark and scary movies. Underworld (own/rewatch) – LOVE this movie! Vampire vs. Werewolves. A human holds the key. Need I say more? Silent Hill: Revelation – I was interested since I … Continue reading

September 2013 Movies Watched

This month was another mix of movies from old to new, from Disney to not, and documentaries! Stonehenge: Decoded – Documentary about Stonehenge. New theories on who built and why. Very interesting. Cheesecake Casserole – Secrets come out when 4 … Continue reading

August 2013 Movies Watched

Another month of movies…20 in all, here we go! First Wives Club – What a fun movie with Goldie Hawn, Bette Milder, and Diane Keaton! Reunited upon the death of a mutual friend, they all vow to get back at … Continue reading

July 2013 Movies Watched

Well, looks like in July 2013 I really picked up the movie watching! Quite a variety of movies and documentaries with 22 in total. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don’t remember all of the movies. Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption – I watch … Continue reading

June 2013 Movies Watched

June was a variety of movies that were on Netflix, in the theater, from Redbox, and owned. Saharah – I never was too interested in this movie when it came out, but I felt why not, since I sort of … Continue reading