Jan 2013 Movies Watched

To start the new year off right, I watched the equivalent of almost one movie a day! Wow. Pete did watch six of them with me. Which ones do you think they are?

Footloose (2011) – Watching this really made me want to watch the original. Maybe I have, but I sure don’t remember. Anyway, I enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t great to me, but it was enjoyable…and like I said really made me want to watch the original with Kevin Bacon.

Footloose2011Love & Mary – This was super cute. Twin brothers…one Mary….however could this end up? Good twin, bad twin…oh you know which one will win!

LoveandMaryThe Caller – I have to say, I had to read the reviews to try to understand the ending. And, when I found out there was a something made in UK some time ago….oh how I wanted to watch that, but could not find it. Anyway, this movie has a bit of time travel and spirits. Or is it just spirits? Hmm…good question. The ending leaves one a bit wondering, but it was definitely a thriller.

TheCallerThe Nature of Existence – This is a very neat introduction into thoughts about love, life, prayer, science, religion, etc. It goes through so many types of people and countries…it’s just enlightening. There’s a companion series to it…and I’ve watched it, too. This was a rewatch.

TheNatureofExistenceCrazy on the Outside – Well, I added it because of Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen. It was alright. It was entertaining, it was predictable.

CrazyontheOutsideMorning Glory – So dang cute! I mean, seriously Rachel McAdams is just so cute! Finding it all…isn’t that what we all just want?

MorningGloryCasino Royale – Rewatch. It was tough, seems my DVD is scratched and most of it was skipping and just hard to watch. Ugh. Too bad, b/c I do like this movie. Grr.

CasinoRoyaleLove, Wedding, Marriage – Rewatch. I forgot I watched it, but I had. It’s alright..I wouldn’t call it the best chick flick…but Magic Mike sure looked good.

LoveWeddingMarriageGhost Adventures – I’ve seen the show, so I watched their beginnings. Unfortunately, I sure didn’t pay  much attention to it. Hmmm….not fair to judge.

GhostAdventuresThe Lorax – I liked this. It was neat, it was pretty. It was just a wild tale.

TheLoraxTinkerBell and the Secret of the Wings – My favorite TinkerBell movie yet! Really loved the Summer and Winter Fairies! And twin fairies… yep. I liked this one a lot!

TinkerBellandtheSecretoftheWingsA Little Bit Zombie – This was quite goofy, quite unbelievable…quite B.

ALittleBitZombieParaNorman – So people were recommending this movie to us…so we watched it. I liked it, but I sure didn’t love it like others were telling us. It got a bit goofy, but right, it’s an animation…hah. Alls well that ends well.

ParaNormanQuantum of Solace – Rewatch. Very enjoyable. Yep, own this one, too…and this time I was not disappointed by DVD scratches. Not sure why, but he’s my favorite bond. I really need to see Skyfall!

QuantumofSolaceRemains – Freak accident…most of humanity turns into zombies. A few random survivors in a casino….it’s a little bit crazy…and a little bit unbelievable…but then enough…that you watch the whole thing? I mean, I did. LOL. Of course, most die…but…you know…a couple survive.

RemainsThe Traveler – I saw Val Kilmer, and I thought what the heck. Twisted. A bit bloody. And, they sure get you thinking one way, when, ooooh it’s another.

TheTravelerLast Holiday – I avoided watching this…cuz I’m a weirdo. I liked it. Very fun…love that she grabs life by the horns and then…it all works out. Ahhhh my kind of movie.

LastHolidayThe Hole – Weird. Yep. Weird. Not really scary. Not really that thrilling. Just weird and all does end well.

TheHoleEmma – Rewatch. I think I watched it again, because I was looking up Clueless and realized it was based off this book. Definitely a like in my book. Classic and lovely.

EmmaOne for the Money – No Oscar winner here, and I’m not sure I believed her accent….but hey…I guess she can be a bondsman…and even learn to shoot. Love story is in there, but….it’s rocky.

OnefortheMoneyThe Curse of King Tut’s Tomb (Part 1) – Casper Van Dien…like seriously you know this is going to be so…..SCIFI! I mean, syfy!

TheCurseofKingTutsTombI Kissed a Vampire – One of those movies that was so painful, but yet I watched it to completion. Why? Because now I can say I watched a teenage vampire musical. Oh,  yes, I can.

IKissedAVampireEverything You Want (Love Surreal) – Make believe boyfriend, check. Potential real boyfriend, check. All works out in the end after a weirdness, check!

EverythingYouWantLoveSurrealThe Curse of King Tut’s Tomb (Part 2) – I have to say…the end really got all syfy and a bit disappointing. And, I’m a sucker for Egyptian movies…even syfy ones. Hehe.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – ANNOYING. Pete was like you have to watch this. It’s classic 80s comedy. Meh. Annoying is what it is…not believable either.

PlanesTrainsAutomobilesThe Switch – I liked this, though it does get a bit slow, and then just fast-forwards insanely. And, ta da…they get together.

TheSwitchIron Sky – Nazis on the dark side of the moon….trying to take over the Earth? Yes, please. Good concept, not perfectly executed. Worth a watch if this is something you like.

IronSkySnow White and the Huntsman – I really liked this version. And, I really liked Chris Hemsworth. I mean, I really liked this version it was a good story. Until the end, where we never get to see them living happily ever after! I mean come on this is a Snow White story, that’s what we are supposed to see!


And, that’s my take on the movies I watched in January!


Jan 2013 Movies Watched — 2 Comments

  1. Planes Trains and Automobiles is a classic!!!! I remember watching that when I was younger! I loved the part when they had to share the bed and Steve Martin had his hand in between John Candys butt cheeks and he says my hands between two warm pillows and John Candy says those aren’t pillows!! Priceless! The rest of them I have never seen LOL I started watching Huntsman but I hate Kristen Stewart but LOVE Chris hemsworth and I fell asleep 🙁 John liked it though. If you like zombies you should watch the show the Walking Dead on AMC, I’m just got into it and now hooked! But now I’m scared to death of zombies LOL I can’t stay up and watch TV without john because I’m afraid one will get me :/ I’m such a weeny!!

    • Well, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, is not for me. Maybe you should give Huntsman another chance! And, of course I watch the Walking Dead…it’s awesome! 🙂

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